Light at the crest



Façade | Landscape
Hyderabad, Telangana
16413 m2
Pacifica Companies
Burthill/Stantec/INI Architects
Landscape and Interior Designers

Lighting heights with discreet and striking approach

The Hyderabad project presented us with an interesting challenge of lighting up the suburban area with its virgin landscape. As the project was located far away from the city, it needed to act as a beacon to attract potential buyers. Our approach was to highlight the architectural features in a discreet manner while expressing the height and body of the towers.

For the marketing office, we integrated an advertising media screen in the sun breakers at the entrance level and highlighted the main architectural features. This not only drew attention to the office but also created a welcoming environment for potential buyers. The club house presented an opportunity to showcase the leisure function of space through lighting. We created a big scale dynamic custom chandelier that marks the entrance and highlights the luxurious atmosphere of the club house. The result was a beautiful and inviting space that entices people to come and relax.

Overall, with our lighting design we achieved in creating an attractive and welcoming environment for potential buyers.