Atelierlights, a multidisciplinary team of design professionals specializing in Architectural and Urban Lighting Design. We take a holistic approach to Lighting Design, incorporating social and artistic dimensions with technical expertise to provide innovative and cutting-edge lighting solutions to our clients, both locally and globally.

Our team focuses on the issue of social place making, recognizing the challenges presented by the digital revolution and the demographic, ecological, and environmental issues we face today. However, we also acknowledge the timeless qualities of humanness and nature that unite cultures and transcend time. Through our lighting designs, we aim to capture and translate these fundamental characteristics into appropriate design triggers for each unique context and cultural milieu.

Our approach is grounded in applied research that integrates appropriate technology and sustainable practices, while also creating sensorial and emotional experiences. We work collaboratively with our clients and their consultants, utilizing the latest trends and technology to provide tailored solutions to specific design problems.

In addition to our professional practice, we are committed to contributing to the educational world through seminars, courses, workshops, blogs, and research publications. We are passionate about empowering the next generation of design professionals and promoting the importance of holistic and sustainable approaches to lighting design.

Nirmit Jhaveri, the founder of Atelier Lights, India has a strong foundation in architectural education and architectural lighting design from reputed universities. He brings almost two decades of work experience from various countries like India, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, and France. Nirmit holds a degree in Architecture from CEPT, Ahmedabad, and went on to pursue a Masters in Architectural Lighting Design from KTH Stockholm. Prior to founding Atelier dada in France in 2009 and expanding it to India in 2011, he has trained under Prof. Rhode in L-plan at Germany. His works have been published and nominated by the design fraternity in both India and Europe, cementing his reputation as a leading lighting designer in the lighting design community in India.

Nirmit’s extensive knowledge and experience, coupled with his passion for design, have helped Atelier Lights to provide innovative and cutting-edge lighting solutions to clients across the globe. He is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of lighting design and creating truly unique experiences through his work.