Bridging the Inside and Outside

The Mango Tree House

The Mango Tree House

Façade | Interior | Landscape
Bhopal, India
1788 m2
Mr. Manish Jain
Ujjval Panchal and Kinny Soni Architectes,
Anjali Jain Architecte paysagiste
Dhrupad Shukla
Bhavik Satish Kadecha
Ujjval Panchal

Crafting Vistas: Blending Interior and Exterior

lighting design for this dynamic house aims to create a seamless relationship between the inside and outside through the use of electric light. The carefully crafted vistas of the site are highlighted with various lighting scenarios and atmospheres that can be easily controlled with an automation system according to the client’s needs. Our team planned the master plan for the whole house, but only selected the architectural fittings while the decorative ones were chosen by the client and architects. During the trial period, Atelier dada provided guidance in focusing and reorganizing the decorative fittings to ensure they best serve the design intent. With our expertise in lighting design, we strive to enhance the overall aesthetic of the space while also meeting the functional needs of the client.

Depth of field.

Embraced by light.

Revealed interior.