AuraLights complex

Sumel 6

Sumel 6

Façade | Landscape
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, IndiaF
42437 m2
H N Safal
ADS Architects
Beyond Green Landscape designers
Neha mevada

Aura of retail : A Dynamic and Whimsical Lighting

Site is located on the grounds of old mill compound in eastern part of Ahmedabad city. The facility comprises of nearly 1500 small and large retail outlets with G+4 floor high 10 long building blocks forming great perspectives to explore. The area around is challenging, dotted by many unorganized small shops and in a bit dilapidated form. Hence, it was very important to attract the buyers and make owners and tenants proud of their business address. The age old trees dotted around the edge between plot and the main roads were very impressive and potential source of exploration for us.

Working closely with ADS Architects and Beyond Green Landscape Designers, Atelier dada’s proposal aimed to enrich the retail complex by giving it an ‘aura’. This was conceptualized as energy that is derived from venerable trees holding guard, which transposes over the inner streets and winds around the sprawling complex. Realized as ethereal rings of light rising from the topiary, traveling along building’s crowns and wafting down passages, the ‘aura’ emanates positive vibes for pedestrians and vehicular movement below. Reflecting on the allegory of ‘Aurora’, a fascinating display of naturally colour changing light in the polar skies, the rings and crown are illuminated in a whimsical play of vibrant hues. Media LEDs are programmed to display soft white colours during the week, while weekends and festivals are celebrated in dynamic chromatism. Set to sparkle for one minute at the beginning of every hour, the fascinating show of lights creates a distinct night time identity within the complex, as well as at the larger urban city scale.
The project include exclusive luminaire design inspired from the genius loci. Indeed, ideas for detailing Aura1, the integrated tree light for example developed from the bikes’ and street hawkers cars’ wheels, the main vehicles of the surrounding area, while the catenary light, Aura2, developed from a purification of the same shape.


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