Elegant Curves

Shivalik High street

Shivalik High street

Façade | Interior | Landscape
Ahmedabd, Gujarat, India
2436 m2
Shivalik Project
INI design Studio
Neha Mevada
Pratik Chandresha

Reshaping Architecture with Dynamic Lighting and sustainable thought 

The lighting of Shivalik High Street takes a unique and sustainable approach to illuminating the building’s architectural features. We started by carefully selecting the elements to be lit, ensuring that they express the building’s vital character while making a significant impact on far vision.

Instead of simply flooding the building with light, we chose to highlight its concrete bones and curves, reshaping it in an artistically sensitive way. We believe that architecture should be communicative and approachable, so we opted for a lighting solution that is both dynamic and passively interactive.

To achieve this, we seamlessly integrated media façade products into the building’s structural details. Media chain lights were integrated into the glazing lines, sparkling for one minute every hour as part of the lighting program. This transforms the building into a glowing clock-like structure, adding a dynamic element to the Ahmedabad skyline.

We wanted people to relate to the building’s lighting, so we made it easy for them to perceive time based on the degree of the sky’s darkness. During festive days, the building becomes even more interactive, sharing people’s happiness through a special dynamic program.

Our minimalistic yet cutting-edge design approach ensures that the building’s unique architecture and character are highlighted in a way that is both environmentally conscious and visually stunning. We believe that our lighting design approach creates a building that people can appreciate and remember for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our approach to architectural lighting.