Enjoy your Breeze!

Mondeal Square

Mondeal Square

Façade | Interior | Landscape
Ahmedabd, Gujarat, India
17473 m2
H N Safal
N K & Associates
BES Consultants
Glass Wall Systems
Neha Mevada
Pratik Chandresha

A Customized Media Light and Interactive Façade

Atelier dada was tasked with creating a dynamic and engaging lighting installation for a building’s sun shades. The team started by designing custom media LED lines that would fit perfectly with the varying length diagonal lines of the sun shades. They then fitted the LED lines with custom-designed press fit mounting clamps in screen box sections.

The team was able to create a solution that seamlessly integrated the LED media bars into the sun shades, making the light installation almost a tangible part of the design. By night, the lights offer unobtrusive views for occupants, even when the lights are on.

The dynamic shape and varying screen pattern of the building’s sun shades posed a challenging task for programming and content design. However, Atelier dada’s technical dexterity and contextual design approach resulted in excellent site-specific content.

Mondeal Square on a weekend

Connecting Culture with Light

The final media content connects with people by visually expressing the breeze on the building, offering a sense of relief after a hot day. The aim of the programming was to have sober weekday light effects with gently moving geometric light content in warm white, which respects the nature of the building’s function and particular structure.

This daily program plays periodically at each hour’s start, with a different animation at each hour where the light decreases gradually until extinction at midnight. This is an attempt to use light abstractly to mark the change of time, to connect people with the building through visual temporality and to express how thoughtful lighting design can enrich the building’s visual identity while using energy resources carefully.

Atelier dada’s technical prowess and contextual design approach have resulted in a stunning lighting installation that not only serves its functional purpose but also enhances the building’s visual identity. The integration of the lighting installation into the sun shades is a testament to the team’s attention to detail and technical expertise, resulting in a seamless and visually engaging design.

Mondeal Square on weekdays