Lambert Toungues of Light

Mondeal Heights

Mondeal Heights

Façade | Interior | Landscape
Ahmedabd, Gujarat, India
65484 m2
Safal Reality
Design Cell Landscape Designers
Neha Mevada

Luring the Goddess of Wealth: Enchanting the Night with Flying Lanterns

The Mondeal Heights project initially had a conventional flood lighting idea to highlight the twisted volume of each tower. However, Atelier dada took it to the next level by incorporating laser beams on the top levels of the buildings to create the illusion of pushing and pulling.

The laser beams operate for one minute at the beginning of each hour, marking the passage of time and the evolution of the night. As the night progresses, the illumination fades, and the niches of the facade transform into large lanterns that seem to fly in the sky, attracting the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi.

In Indian culture, the Goddess Lakshmi is lured by Diya or flame lamps. By using the niches of the facade as a canvas, hidden LED dynamic lights transform the buildings into lambent tongues of flames. These lanterns appear for one minute at the beginning of each hour, and some fade while others sparkle and fly with a soft, soothing rhythm.

The landscape and interior design were discreetly done, in harmony with the architectural and landscaping intent. The focus was on energy conservation and respect for the low-cost budget of the client.

From Twisted Illusions to Luminous Prayers

As the blue hour sets in, the characteristic twists of the two corporate towers of Mondeal HTS come to life with a push-pull effect created by laser lines emanating from the top of the towers. At 9pm, when most of the offices are closed, the lighting scheme transforms, rendering the architecture into a peaceful slumber while invoking the “Lakshmi,” the Goddess of wealth, through a luminous prayer.